Records Retention Schedule

Record Retention Guide

This schedule lists records commonly found in the county Sheriff’s office. The retention periods specified herein are either required by statute or have been determined by best practice. Permanent records existing solely in electronic format may become inaccessible through media decay and/or hardware/software obsolescence. The Ohio Historical Society recommends that digital records with greater than a ten year retention period also be maintained in either paper or microfilm formats. Records may not be disposed of until all audits released and audit discrepancies have been settled. Where a lawsuit or agency proceeding is pending, a legal hold on relevant records is required. Records shall be retained until the legal hold has been removed. Electronic mail (e-mail) is a format on which records are sent, received and/or drafted using electronic mailing systems. E-mail is not a record series. Instead, each individual e-mail should be evaluated according to its content and retained in accordance with the record series adopted within this schedule that the content most closely fits. Local Certificates of Disposal will be filed regardless of whether or not OHS wishes to be informed.

** NOTE ** Audited means audited by the Auditor of State and the Audit Report is released.
** NOTE ** We will be using the “General Geauga County Records Retention/Disposal Schedule” which was approved prior to August 1992.

Criminal Division

Schedule Number

Record Title and Description

Retention Period

GCSO-1 Accident Reports – General Public

Records documenting a traffic crash

3 years after end of fiscal year
GCSO-2 Booking Files – Including:

Booking Sheets, Criminal History, Court Papers (copies), Inmate Records, and Fingerprint Scans Documents the initial intake of an inmate into the jail. Includes booking sheets, criminal history, court papers (copies), inmate records, fingerprint scans.

GCSO-3 Concealed Carry Weapons

A) Applications, records documenting issuance of concealed handgun licenses and renewals.

B) Criminal records check, records documenting criminal records checks performed on individuals who apply for a concealed handgun license; may include correspondence and certificate and fingerprints.

A)1 year after expiration

B)20 days after issuance of license or after completion of appeals process (ORC 311.41)

GCSO-4 Court Dispositions

Records documenting the execution of a court order

1 Year
GCSO-5 Incident Reports

Files documenting complaints or other actions or incidents investigated by the department

3 Years- Paper
5 Years – Electronic
GCSO-6 Informant Files

Records documenting any citizen who aids an investigation by offering helpful information to the Sheriff

GCSO-7 Intelligence Files

Intelligence information gathered and compiled in the investigation of potential organized criminal.

5 years from date of last entry
GCSO-8 Juvenile Arrest Records

Records of arrest involving offenders who are under eighteen years old.

Until expungment order
GCSO-9 Lockout Waivers

Permission from a vehicle owner to open their locked vehicle.

1 year after end of fiscal year
GCSO-10 Recordings*

Video, Cellphone images, audio recordings of routine investigations.

Until transcribed, or entered into evidence – dispose of with case
GCSO-11 Traffic Citations (Court and Originals)

Copies of minor misdemeanor traffic tickets.

2 Years
GCSO-12 Traffic Warnings

Department copies of warnings issues for traffic, motor vehicle, and other violations.

1 year after end of fiscal year
GCSO-13 Validations – LEADS

Logs or similar records detailing validation requests and proof of verifications for Law Enforcement Automated Data System.

2 years after end of fiscal year
GCSO-14 Warrant Letters and Recall Letters

Court warrant to pick up individuals who miss court dates and court letters indicating the the individual is no longer being recalled.

Until certified copy is received


*Recordings include photographs, audio or video recordings from county issued cell phones, recorders, and computers as well as personal cell phones, recorders and computers that document the functions of the GCSO.

Corrections Division

Schedule Number

Record Title and Description

Retention Period

GCSO-15 Commissary Records

Documents the control and use of inmate funds to purchase canteen/commissary items or other services.

2 Years
GCSO-16 Fire Safety Records

Documents the routine inspection of jail fire systems

3 Years
GCSO-17 Incident Reports

Files documenting actions or incidents investigated by corrections officers

3 years from end of fiscal year
GCSO-18 Inmate Medical Records

Documents the medical treatment of inmates while at the facility.

6 Years
GCSO-19 Jail Register

Documents the cumulative booking and release of inmates.

GCSO-20 Kitchen Records – Including:

Meal Consumption, Daily Meal Count, Health Dept. Records, Inventory – Tool Control, Monthly Inmate Stats,
Temperature Logs, and Time Sheets

5 years from end of fiscal year

Civil Division

Schedule Number

Record Title and Description

Retention Period

GCSO-21 Civil Docket – Including:

Sheriff’s Returns, Received Writs and Summons, Accrued Fees, Monthly Reports, Home Execution Docket. Records of actions taken relating to a specific civil case including Sheriff’s returns, received writs and summons, accrued fees, monthly reports and Home Execution Docket.

GCSO-22 Criminal Docket – Including:

Service Fees for Conveys, Commits, Warrants,
Discharges, and Monthly Reports. Records of actions taken regarding specific criminal cases including service, fees for conveys, commits, warrants, discharges and monthly reports.

GCSO-23 Foreign Execution

Executions and attachments ordered by courts outside the county against county residents.

7 years-originals returned to the Court.
GCSO-24 Foreclosures – Including Sales and Certified Appraisers Oath.

Documents Sheriff’s supervision of sale of property within the county due to unpaid loans or taxes.

5 years after sale of property
GCSO-25 Monthly Reports

Financial accounting for funds accrued for services rendered by the civil division.

3 years provided audited
GCSO-26 Schedule of Unpaid Fees

Record of fees owed to the court for services provided by the Sheriff.

Until paid if audited

Administrative Division

Schedule Number

Record Title and Description

Retention Period

GCSO-27 Policy and Procedure Manual

Principles, rules and guidelines formulated or adopted by an organization to reach its long term goals and typically published in a booklet or other format that is widely accessible.

Until Superceded

800 System

Schedule Number

Record Title and Description

Retention Period

GCSO-28 Computer Generated Raw Data

Unprocessed computer data

Dispose after Annual Review by Division Commander
GCSO-29 FCC / Other Government Licenses

License granted by Federal Communications Commission regulating radio broadcasting within the county.

GCSO-30 Software and Manuals

Programs used to direct the operation of a computer and documentation giving instructions on how to use them

2 years after software replaced/removed from service
GCSO-31 Maintenance Repair Service Tickets

Documentation of maintenance and repair of 800 system equipment.

2 Years
GCSO-32 Training Records

Records documenting the continued education and training of law enforcement personnel.


**The Geauga County Sheriff will also utilize the Geauga County General Schedule of Records Retention and Disposition.